Frequently Asked Questions About the Mini Bull Terrier

Alphabetical Order:

Contract: A pure bred dog from a reputable breeder usually comes with a contract. A contract includes important content regarding your rights with your new puppy, so: DO always ask for the contract before you decide for your new puppy and DO read it carefully as you make a decision for the next 10 years or so of your life.

Co-Ownership: Some breeders would like to co-own their dogs to control breeding. You might only have limited rights over your dog. You have to share decisions and fullfill commitments and you might be dependent on the breeder for a dogs lifetime. Single ownership can be applied for within the official canine council of your state, only if all owners accept.

Feeding: You can see whether your dog is getting the right nutrition in their coat and poo. If it is of good substance - not like chocolate mousse and not like hard wood - and your dog's coat is soft, looks healthy and shiny, then your dog is getting the right nutrition. If not it is best to ask your Vet or change your dogs diet, e.g. from dry food to meat. BARF has been proven to be the healthiest way of feeing your dog. Never cook their bones.

Pedigree: When you purchase a pup from a responsible breeder, the litter is registered with controlling canine body and therefore comes with papers. A pedigree includes a pups name and date of birth, microchip and some other details of your pup as well as the details of its parents. It is a document you might need for travelling with your dog, it can help when you have lost your dog and it guarantees you a pure breed. The microchip quarantees you that the dog you got is the dog on the paper.